Japanese Post-War Photography / Photographie japonaise de l'après-guerre

Un lot de livres de photographie japonaise qui fait rêver :
A dream-like Japanese photobook collection :
(vu chez Maggs / seen at Maggs')

"A Collection of Japanese Photobooks from 1945 to 2000. [...]

Over 200 titles spanning the entire history of Japanese post-war photography. Unless otherwise specified, all the books are in very good to fine condition, and complete with dust-wrappers, slipcases, and - where applicable - obis (bellybands). [...]

A rare opportunity to acquire a comprehensive collection of modern Japanese photobooks. Highlights include (in alphabetical order) a fine, signed copy of Araki's 'Sentimental Journey' (1971), a signed copy of Domon Ken's 'Hiroshima' (1958) as well as copies of 'Children of Coalminers' & 'Rumie's father is dead' signed and inscribed with a haiku, a signed copy of Gocho's 'Self and Others' (1977), a signed copy of Hamaya's 'Amarican America' (1971), a signed copy of Hayashi's 'Kasutori Jidai' (1980), a signed copy of Hosoe's 'Barakei' (1963), as well as a rare copy of his 'Kamaitachi' (1969), signed by the dancer Hijikata Tatsumi, very good copies of Ishimoto's 'Katsura' (1960) and 'Chicago, Chicago' (1969), a signed copy of Ishiuchi's rare 'Suidobashi', a very good copy of Kawada's 'Map' (1965), a very good to fine copies of Moriyama's 'Japan Photo Theatre' (1968) and 'Goodbye to Photography' (1972), a signed copy of Nagano's 'Strange Perspective' (1989), a signed copy of Narahara's 'Europe - where time has stopped' (1967), as well as very good copies of 'Spain' (1969), Japanesque (1970) and 'Where Time has Vanished' (1975), a signed copy of Shinoyama's 'Take' (1992), a fine copy of Takanashi's 'Towards the City' (1974), a complete set of 'Provoke' (1968-70), a very good copy of Tomatsu's rare 'Nagasaki - Hiroshima Document' (1961), as well as '11:02 - Nagasaki' (1966), 'Nippon' (1967), Okinawa (1969), 'Oh, Shinjuku' (1969), a complete set of 'Shashin Eizo' (10 vols. 1969-71), as well as a complete set of the 'Gendai Nihon Shashin Zenshu' (9 vols. 1958-59). [...]"

Quel fut l'heureux acquéreur ?
Who was the lucky buyer ?

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