Precious Requests

Recently, I've been receiving the following kind of email a little too often for my taste (I'll just copy-paste):

Title: Flare Magazine - Image Inquiry


I'm contacting you on behlaf of FLARE, Canada's Fashion Magazine. We are
doing a story on designer inspiration and one is Nobuyoshi Araki's series of
Sensual Flowers - I found the book on your website and was wondering if it
would be possible to get one of the inside book scans in high resolution?
Let me know if this is possible or not.

Thank you,


Jenna Schill
Assistant Photo Editor, FLARE Magazine"


To which I replied:

Hi Jenna,
Thank you for your message.
Let me check if I understood you correctly. You are asking a bookseller to scan in hd a page of a photobook for your convenience and commercial use? This is precious.
Why don't you ask Araki's publisher? Since you are working for a magazine, you know the drill and how copyright works, right?
Good luck to you,


There was also that email from Grupo Planeta in Spain, that — Oh, what the heck, here is the email:

Title: Rigths & Picture Cover from Spain Art : hiromix-girls-blue

"Dear [sic]

I am the person responsible for the iconography (search rights and image of the hallmarks of Grupo Planeta):
I selected an image for the cover of a title of our record: El hombre que quiso matarme Shuichi Yoshida (SPAIN)
Do you have an agent or management entity of any rights or license the images yourself?
What is your rate (fee)?
I need a high resolution support (digital) for publication, whom should I contact?
I attach the front cover for approval!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation
Kind regards,
Alicia Caballero Castro
Dpto. Derechos de Autor
Grupo Planeta
Avda. Diagonal 662-664
08034 Barcelona"

On the top of it, they had already designed (well, designed, here, would be a pretty big word) a cover! Isn't that precious as well? Here it is:

Anyway. To which was answered:

Hi Alicia,
Thank you for your message.
The image rights belong to the Japanese photographer Hiromix (
This is absolutely not in public domain: you should contact the photographer or the publisher of the book (Rockin'On).
Sincerely, etc.

I though that was the end of it but no. What do I find in my mailbox this evening?

Dear Nicolas:

Sorry for trouble you
You'd be so kind as to send data Rockin'on editor?
Japanese is very difficult ...
I find no contact ..
Thanks for your help!


I don't think so. Am I paid to do your job, or are you?
Jeez, youngsters in the Internet Age...
Here is the more courteous reply:

My apologies Alicia, I can't do anything for you on this: you should hire a business liaison interpreter to gather info and get the deal done.

Point of this post: please REFRAIN from idiotic email requests.

EDIT: Ah ah, it keeps coming:

Title: Research on Kishin Shinoyama's photos of Tamasaburo Bando

"Dear Sir, Madam

As a photo researcher, I am actually working on a book at Editions du Rouergue in France, 1rst chapter dedicated to Japanese onnagata. The writer saw and appreciates Tamasaburo Bando, whose best pictures are Kishin Shinoyama's.

Would you kindly let me know if we can purchase the copyright to publish 2 photos of his (here attached) that will be included in the book, as well as the fee for use.

If not yours, would you be kind enough to help me with a contact, where I can ask for autorization, amount of copyright fee, and high res ?

We plan to print 4,000 issues in the French language, scheduled to be released in October 2012.

I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,

Eve Zheim
Photo Researcher [sic]"


"Good evening Ms. Zheim,
Thank you for your message.
The copyrights obviously belong to the photographer Shinoyama Kishin ( and his publisher, whom you should contact.
Best regards, etc."

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