2014-2015 Nonews from Where!

Anticipated Wishes of
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

I hope 2014 was all right for you!

A few pieces of news.
AJB-wise, I have updated the stock lists. Not that it really matters.
Oh, and the bookshop in Paris is closed 2014/12/21-30.

Personally, I am mightily glad that I found — at last — a couple of rare and exquisite Midorikawa from the 50s, the first I only had without dj, the second I had never had in hand before. Not that anyone else in the world cares, haha.

I'll end with a different note,
about two books that came out in the past few months.

One needs publicity:

It's Sakuma Gen ('s Soko e Yuke / Go There, a fine piece of b&w street-snapping. Gen is a fervent admirator of Abe Jun's work, and he's even closer to that of Itou Meitoku, imho (but who knows of or remembers Itou, eh?). Anyway, Gen's photos are of those that try and seize those Koitsu nani yattendarou?! moments. If you don't know what I'm talking about it's OK. The outer side of the book is all in red (edges included) and it's pretty neat. The guy is great too: have a beer with him if you have the chance — or half a dozen oyster, for what matters.

The other doesn't:

Masaki Hiroshi's Kyoto met acclaim in Grand Palais Paris Photo Toluca's booth where it was presented. It's a classic Attempt to Grasp the Japanese Soul, which flourished in the Taisho nostalgia of Postwar Japan (Irie Taikichi, Kuzunishi Sousei, etc.) and inevitably center on Kyoto's famous shrines and temples. Masaki's work is, imho, closer to Iwamiya Takeji's, through his noticeable care of surface textures — wood, stone and their asperities, contrasts, shades. I have always had a weak spot for images that carry this impossible longing for the sense of touch (photography being such a unidimensional art and all). And it's all in very delicate shades of grey.

Anyway, that's about it.

Don't expect too much, and you'll have a great 2015! It never fails : D


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